Rapid Deploy Skid mounted VSAT solution - Hermes Datacomms

Connect is a skid-mounted system which delivers rapid deployment and offers high-availability connections in a portable package, with the added benefits of lower deployment costs and reduced bandwidth costs.

The unit is totally self-contained, with no requirement for a separate indoor unit, and with local wireless access built in as well as optional data cable connection points. All you need to do is connect the power supply and activate the unit. It will automatically deploy, lock to the satellite and connect to the internet and/or private voice and data networks as required within 5 minutes. When you are ready to move, turn it off. Once it has stowed, disconnect the power and move the unit.

The unit is supported 24/7 by our NOC, with spares held at key locations. For even higher reliability SpeedCast can provide out-of-band management.


The fast and easy deployment and rugged design make the system ideal for:

·         Mobile rigs
Construction camps
·         Emergency response


·         Automatically acquires the satellite in 3-5 minutes

·         Instant Wi-Fi access·

·         Simple one-button deploy

·         Easily transported from site to site

·         Stows on command

·         Built in GPS (Global Positioning System) for extreme mobility

·         Worldwide usage in extreme and challenging environments

·         Solid state Peltier cooling


large_SKID On and Off·         Lower deployment costs

·         Reduced bandwidth costs

·         Low maintenance

·         Low overall costs


Case Studies


Gulf Keystone required a more stable solution for their communications business requirements, incorporating UK, Erbil and the operational field sites. Currently running on Microwave this was proving inefficient and unstable, as often in Erbil, they suffer from power outages. Gulf Keystone wanted a solutions provider who could manage the internet provider, allowing the customer to concentrate on core business. The biggest challenge faced in Kurdistan was to provide stable internet access for communications for the business. SpeedCast provided reliable internet connection and increased the service availability to the customer on a robust stable terrestrial solution based upon the business requirements of Gulf Keystone. “Due to our local presence and relationship […]


Kurdistan and Nigeria

Our client is a mid-sized UK based independent operator, listed on the FTSE 100. It was entering Kurdistan and was concerned that the local ISP internet services, although cheap, would not provide an SLA connection directly to its London based Data Centre. The company was challenged to bring up a VSAT service at one of the client’s isolated rig sites within 6 days. We deployed equipment within 48 hours and an engineer shortly afterwards, giving resilient communications independent of the local infrastructure. The relationship was established and SpeedCast investigated where we could support further. Three more VSAT sites were brought on line and a fibre to link to the main Erbil office was also […]



Our client is a mid-sized UK based independent operator, listed on the FTSE 100.   The customer had existing communications services in Africa, mainly from a local ISP internet service. Although the services were cheap, they were not providing an SLA or connection directly to its London based Data Centre. The services were largely reliant on local infrastructure. Moreover, these services were provided through numerous providers with no consistent single point of contact, either for the end users or for the IS department. Our initial engagement with the client was to perform a communications survey and make recommendations on how to take over twenty communications contracts in a single country down to […]


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